Misfortune strikes when you least expect. Protect yourself and ensure you have the financial support in the event of an accident.

Flex PA

Takes care of the financial implications should your circumstances change after an accident.

A-Plus Accident Shield & A-Plus Total Accident Shield

Boosts your coverage against accidents.

A-Plus AccidentShield-I & A-Plus Total Accident Shield-i

Boosts your coverage against accidents.


Twin PA

Provides a cash payout if you are injured, become disabled or you pass away after an accident.

Medical Enhancer

Boosts your medical coverage against accidents. 

Living Protector

Provides cash payout to help you cope with your daily activities after an unpredictable accident. 

AIA Student Accident Shield

Provides tailor-made protection for our future generation.

Deluxe PA

Enhances your personal accident coverage apart from death due to dengue.